The prepaid card as a tool to motivate and increase the commitment of your employees

The prepaid card as a tool to motivate and increase the commitment of your employees

How May the Prepaid Card Become the Tool Used to Foster Employee Motivation and Increase Commitment.

An interview with Sylwia Bilska, General Manager at Edenred Polska, for Gazeta Finansowa, of 27.05.2019.

How will your experience gained so far enrich the operations of Edenred Polska? What will you, as a person and an expert, contribute to the company?

I can boast a long-standing experience in business development within FinTech sector, both B2B and B2C. I have implemented digital solutions as well as the solutions automating customer service and product sales, considerably impacting business profitability. 

How do you see the market of prepaid services as well as motivating and loyalty systems for employees and business partners?

The prepaid services market develops dynamically in Poland, both technology-wise and in view of the constantly growing demands of the clients. The prepaid cards have become amongst the entrepreneurs a popular motivation tool increasing employee commitment as well as the toll helping them to develop the activities fostering loyalty in business.

We operate within two domains where we deliver a diversified offer of prepaid solutions. The first group includes employers to whom we offer advanced employee benefits in a form of prepaid cards. This tool, popular amongst the employees, gives them the freedom of using and managing their own funds, as per their preferences and at any time convenient for them.

The Edenred portfolio covers, among others, the Lunch Card, offering the employer the opportunity to finance the meals of its employees and save on ZUS contributions; the Gift Card, providing the employer with the opportunity to reward its employees all year round, e.g. during Easter and Christmas time, or as per the company’s preference; the Gift Card for Children for the Children’s Day, as an alternative for gift boxes with sweets; as well as the Sports and Culture Card, comprehensively taking care for the harmony between the body and soul of the employees.

In the fight for employee motivation and commitment, a package of attractive and diversified benefits is what counts most, distinguishing the employer’s brand on the market and additionally enforcing Employer Branding and company’s CSR.

The second segment of the clients we provide our services to and advise on comprehensive solutions are the companies which run motivation, loyalty and sales-supporting programs with the use of reward cards. These cards represent a flexible tool, thus making it easy to tailor them to the programs increasing customer brand awareness. They diversify the selection of rewards, activate the participants and build their brand loyalty. In Edenred, we support our clients during the entire process of loyalty program building, from the concept to the offer of prepaid solutions and monitoring the effectiveness.

How has the market changed over the recent years and which direction is it heading?

We see a trend of subscription benefits becoming a standard in the companies, thus their force of attraction is not than strong any more as it used to be.

Currently, employers are becoming more aware of the role that their employees play in terms of the company’s path to success. To care for the employee’s performance and commitment towards the company’s growth, we should start from caring for his/her health, well-being and self-satisfaction. Designing solutions based on the well-being concept is what works well and brings many benefits to both parties.

What does Edenred Polska stand for on the market? What does it offer to its contractors and how does it monitor their changing needs?    

We are a strong, innovative brand operating on the global market. We deliver innovative global solutions satisfying non-standard client needs.

We reach 830,000 corporate clients, 47 million users and 1.7 million affiliate partners in 46 countries. In Poland, we are the largest issuer of prepaid Mastercard cards on the B2B market. We offer to our clients the opportunity to customise the cards entirely as per their brand and moreover, they can choose the establishments honouring the cards, as per their preferences.

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