Increase My Employees’ Net Income

It does not always have to be expensive to motivate your employees. Frequently, if an employer is open to new/unconventional non-salary solutions (benefits), it may not only have a positive impact on the company’s image, but it may also generate some extra savings in the company budget and the employee’s salary – by increasing such employee’s net income.

Choosing e.g. a lunch card for its employees, an employer may save on the ZUS contributions up to PLN 462 annually/per one employee, provided that the above-mentioned benefit does not exceed the amount of PLN 190/person monthly [1]   (§2(1)(11) of the Resolution of the Minister of Labour and Social Policy of 18th December 1998).

Moreover, such form of funding the meals/lunches does not require establishing the Social Fund within the company, it is inexpensive to service and, moreover, it increases the employee net income – by approximately PLN 24 monthly (ca. PLN 289 annually). From the employee’s perspective, it is certainly a more beneficial solution than cash/bonus wired to his or her account, from which ZUS contributions will be deducted.

[1] §2 (1)(11) of the Regulation of the Minister of Labour and Social Policy of 18th December 1998.

Choose Lunch card – the only meal card distinguished with the Wellbeing Institute Certificate

  • Subsidising of meals for employees with savings on social insurance contributions