Become a Well-being-based Company

Well-being, namely the concern for human welfare is a trend which is more and more daringly entering the world of business. This means a novel attitude towards the workplace culture, which is focused on human – an employee, and his or her psychophysical needs, and not the profit, he/she generates.

Well-being is the driving force of modern organisations. The research shows (WellBeing&Engagement) that the employees of the companies (83%) which introduce well-being programs are more satisfied with their work and become the best brand ambassadors. They are willing to express positive opinions about the company and are getting actively involved in the Employer Branding activities (84% of the respondents).

How to develop the tools helping to build a culture of well-being within the company?

The solutions which are helping an employer to motivate its team in a healthy way to eat regular and nutritious meals during working hours fit into the idea of a healthy lifestyle. It includes, inter alia, prepaid lunch cards – an investment in health, high performance and the decrease of long-term employee absences, namely the key elements of your company’s successful growth.

An attractive, full-featured package of benefits will effectively increase motivation within the team and the CSR potential of the company. This is undoubtedly a valuable and desired benefit for your employees, supporting their well-being. Make the first move towards becoming the well-being-based company.

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