Reward the Effort and Sales Performance

The sales force and channels play a crucial role in the implementation of the sales-related strategy. The better the motivation and support of the distribution network and sales representatives the better the performance of the company. How to reward sales performance? Of not only the most active high performers, achieving the best results, but also of the average performers, by introducing e.g. incentives boosting turnover. Therefore, it is worth introducing sales-supporting programs which are engaging and motivating for the participants, fostering the achievement of desired results, and realistically beneficial to both parties. The selection of a reward is also crucial. As it is not only the freedom of choice and the feeling of immediate gratification that counts, but also the simplicity and flexibility that the reward prepaid cards offer. The reward cards make it possible to swiftly and easily diversify the value of rewards, they may be also repeatedly topped up with any amount of funds. The loyalty and motivation programs based on prepaid cards work perfectly in the long run, as they provide the opportunity to reward the sales effort on a daily basis and build relations.

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