Offer “Advanced” Gifts for the Children of Your Employees

Replace the traditional gifts and giftboxes with prepaid gift cards. Give the kids the freedom to choose their dream gift on many occasions all year round – for Children’s Day, St. Nicolas Day, inauguration of the new school year, or other special events.

Building harmony with an employee is one of the key CSR activities that a company may adopt. All initiatives facilitating an employee to maintain work life balance build a positive working environment – based on motivation to act and improved employee loyalty. Caring for your employees’ well-being should focus also on their children. As there is nothing nicer than the “satisfaction within the family”.

Giving gifts is a nice gesture, however, traditional forms of gifts, such as giftboxes, are frequently a time-consuming and complicated task for each company. But there is a solution – prepaid gift cards for children, which will give every kid a freedom to choose what the he or she has been dreaming of the whole year.

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