Bonus vouchers versus bonus cards – which solution will work in your company’s sales strategy?

Bonus vouchers versus bonus cards – which solution will work in your company’s sales strategy?

Bonus vouchers and bonus cards are two different tools designed to support the company’s sales policy. They are an interesting alternative to material prizes, because they are an extremely simple and functional motivational and loyalty solution in business. Their application in the conditions of the economic crisis is conducive to maintaining long-term and positive relations with customers, both in sales and distribution channels, and also allows to maintain the company’s sales at the appropriate level.

What are bonus cards and vouchers?

Bonus vouchers and bonus cards are a form of reward for participants of loyalty programs and sales support for many years. Initially, the market was dominated only by paper bonus vouchers, which have lost their attractiveness as technology advanced and digitalized. They were replaced by prepaid bonus cards, which are becoming more and more popular among Polish entrepreneurs every year.

As results from the study “Sales challenges” carried out by ICAN & Edenred, every second loyalty program is based on prepaid bonus cards. They are increasingly displacing traditional bonus vouchers, the use of which is associated with certain restrictions.

Bonus vouchers or cards? Which solution gives you more options?

Prepaid bonus cards are distinguished primarily by their functionality and the fact that they match customer needs. Thanks to this, they become an attractive reward – available here and now in any loyalty or sales support program.

Another advantage is the acceptability of bonus cards in a wide network of sales points – both in Poland and abroad. Of course, the organizer decides how to narrow or expand the places where you can pay by card (e.g. specific industries or customer points).

As for bonus vouchers, the situation is similar – it is possible to limit their use e.g. to points with household appliances/electronics. However, the number of objects accepting digital payments is definitely higher. This state of affairs gives program participants greater freedom to choose the “dream” reward than is the case with the use of traditional paper bonus vouchers, which can be used most often only in a few selected retail outlets.

Why are bonus cards safer than bonus vouchers?

When choosing a reward for a loyalty program or sales support, organizers should not forget about the safety of users. This is an important element of the company’s CSR and shaping ‘partner’ relationships for the future.

This is why digital payments have become a solution that will work even in the context of an epidemic threat. For prepaid Edenred bonus cards, the program organizer can be sure that s/he offers a “secure” reward in his/her program. With a bonus card you can pay up to PLN 100 without using a PIN code in contactless transactions – both via the payment terminal and telephone (connecting it with Google Pay™ or Apple Pay) and online.

When it comes to bonus vouchers, payments through them are definitely less secure because, like cash, they change hands, becoming the breeding ground for viruses and bacteria. A similar opinion on the security of digital payments was expressed by the World Health Organization (WHO) in its communication of March 2020 in connection with the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus pandemic.

Comfort of use is therefore invaluable in long-term brand loyalty. Although standard bonus vouchers can still perform well, bonus cards provide greater convenience and security of use.

Bonus vouchers vs bonus cards – which ones are better in terms of sales logistics?

Logistics, storage, distribution of awards – this is the task each company/program organizer must face at some point. To best optimize this process and devote yourself to analysing the profitability of the program and sales results, entrepreneurs should be interested in pre-paid bonus cards, which are a good alternative to bonus vouchers.

Cards have a longer validity period than bonus vouchers – as a standard, they can be used for 2 years. During this time, the program organizer can recharge them on an ongoing basis, without incurring any additional costs. Cards in the hands of users become a reusable product. Regular participants of the program receive them once at the beginning of the program, and then the organizer orders Edenred recharges depending on the thresholds achieved.

If the reward in the program is bonus vouchers, it is worth paying attention to the fact that their validity period is shorter, and funds not used on time are forfeited. This somewhat limits the freedom of employees. It is also worth remembering that the user of such a bonus voucher will not receive change for purchases – the bonus vouchers are specified in monetary denomination, usually worth PLN 10, PLN 50, or PLN 100. What if the organizer decides to repeat the program several times a year? In this case, the issues of ordering, storing, and distributing bonus vouchers should always be started anew. For many companies, this solution may be uncomfortable.

Do bonus vouchers bring tax savings to the company?

When choosing a prize for a loyalty program/sales support, the organizers analyse them not only in terms of attractiveness for participants, but also in terms of legal and tax savings and as well as savings in the company budget. It is worth remembering that a company which decides to award vouchers is not entitled to any deductions. Pursuant to the provisions of the Act regulating these matters, this type of gift is not qualified as a means of payment. The introduction of a loyalty program or sales support based on bonus vouchers in an enterprise may therefore be financially disadvantageous for the organization.

The selection of prepaid bonus cards and their use in lotteries, competitions or promotional campaigns may be an alternative to bonus vouchers. Thanks to this solution, companies can save up to PLN 2,280 on each awarded prize. In addition, bonus cards are exempt from VAT.

If you are still pondering over the question which award will effectively support the sale of your products or services and strengthen your image, get to know the Edenred portfolio of solutions. Invest in solutions that will work in all market conditions.

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