Sales-supporting Program in 7 Steps

Sales-supporting program should not only influence the company’s financial performance, but also build relations with contractors, optimise costs and increase motivation. Do you know how to do it efficiently?

Formerly, sales-supporting programs have been intended to distinguish oneself on the market and attract the contractors. Nowadays, this is a highly competitive domain. There are more and more sales-supporting programs. And more frequently, they appear to be ineffective. How to avoid mistakes?

1. Define the Elements Generating Profit / Set Priorities

During the program implementation stage, it should represent most of all, the answer to the clients’ needs, however, it must satisfy the needs of your brand at the strategic stage. Think carefully which clients are the most important to you, which of them will generate the most revenues to your company budget, and which have the greatest potential. While drawing your priority contractors list, define why each of them is important to you. Thus, you will know what to focus on and where to locate your budget. Be sure that the list is up-to-date at all times.

2. Define the Objectives

If the program does not have a defined objective this is the most frequent reason while it fails and frustrates the employees. They undertake planned actions, but they do not bring the desired results. Therefore, before you undertake any measures, remember to define the objective clearly, be sure it is achievable, measurable, understandable for everybody and at the same motivating your salesforce to act. Apply the SMART goal setting method which will make it easy for you to implement this factor.

3. Focus on the Most Important

Setting priorities and goals is intended to help you set the course of action. At this stage, you should verify whether you are well prepared to embark on the path. Check your resources – both financial, time and human-wise. Find out whether you can achieve the selected goals. If not, revise your priorities and objectives possible to achieve.

4. Introduce a Program Allowing you to Achieve the Objective

Tailor the tools to the finally defined objective, which will help you in achieving it. Decide on which target group you want to send the message to, establish an attractive program mechanism and plan your budget wisely.

5. Choose an Attractive Reward

An experienced company will help you choose the reward, well-suited to the target group, which will effectively motivate and involve the participants. In terms of rewards, the reward prepaid cards which the users can use as per their own preferences, represent a perfect choice.

6. Treat the Program Participants as your Partners

A well-prepared sales-supporting program should represent a benefit to its participants. Not only because they will get certain rewards, but also because they will have the opportunity to expand the distribution channels and improve the performance within their own company. Make sure that they feel that you, as the organiser, support them, that they count on your assistance and adequate motivation.

7. Stay Consistent

In terms of the sales-supporting programs, consistency is the key to success. The time and endurance are required to build a close relationship with your client based on trust. However, you should always remember that if the program lasts long, you should introduce in the meantime, some variety, surprise your contractor and maintain the level of its motivation at all times. This is not an easy task. Thus, it is worth seeking external help of specialists who will assist your team in the achievement of long-term objectives.

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