I Want to Stay up to Date on How Much My Employees Spend

We have a ready-to-use solution for you which will let you monitor all business-related expenses in one place – Spendeo by Edenred®.


Spendeo® is the only such comprehensive and at the same time simple tool available on the market, incorporating prepaid payment card along with the Internet platform and mobile application linked with it. It is available to all persons involved, ensures safety, control and certainly tangible savings. All transactions can be viewed in real time, using the platform and mobile application. Finance Department has access to reports, where they can check employee expenses and their categories. With Spendeo® you can also manage the expense and travel expense policy in a transparent way as well as eliminate the malpractices and mistakes in this regard.

Manage business and travel expenses in one place. Choose Spendeo by Edenred®