I Want to Have 100% Control Over Business and Travel Expenses

Spendeo by Edenred® is the only such a comprehensive and at the same time simple tool available on the market, which offers you full control over business and travel expenses. All the information is stored in one place, in real time, available on-line. Employees have the comfort of using the prepaid payment card and the Spendeo® platform, while the company has an on-going full control over the expenses, owing to real time access to all transactions. Moreover, if any irregularities are found, you can act instantly. With Spendeo® you can also manage effectively your business and travel expense policy. Relevant mechanisms facilitate the compliance with the adopted policy. Employees know when and how to spend the company funds, while the supervising persons have 100% control over it.

Control all your company expenses in one place. Choose a simple tool: