Spendeo by Edenred®

Easy accounting for and control of employee expenses.
Plan, account for and control business travel and expenses on an ongoing basis in a single place.

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Spendeo by Edenred®

Spendeo by Edenred® is an innovative tool designed for management of business expenses between the employees and the employer. It consists of the Spendeo® prepaid card, mobile application and an online platform. The Spendeo by Edenred® tool helps companies in optimising their business expenses and eliminating fraud and errors. It also makes it easier to manage the policy for business travel and expenses and introduces simple, transparent rules for everyone.

Why is Spendeo by Edenred® the perfect solution for your company?

Learn about the benefits of Spendeo®


All business travel and expenses in a single place (including, in particular, expense accounting, archives with documents associated with the transactions, automatic determination of allowances).


Substantial savings thanks to the reduced need for paper documentation and lower operating costs related to expense accounting. Data transfer to ERP systems – automatic posting.


With a prepaid card and ongoing transaction monitoring, you control all expenses of every employee. Eliminate fraud and mistakes and ensure efficient management of the policy for business travel and expenses.

The employees will be grateful for Spendeo®

  • Convenient and secure payment card – prepaid payment card accepted worldwide and online
  • You can plan and account for business travel and expenses anywhere and at any time using the mobile application or online platform
  • Spendeo® shortens the time required to plan and account for business travel and expenses – the employees can now focus solely on their duties
  • Always in real time – access to the card balance and transaction history, sending requests for card top-up, scanning and assigning accounts to transactions from the mobile application – Spendeo® makes business travel so much easier

Benefits of Spendeo®



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